Reggio-Emilia - Italy The New Face of Historic Villa Manodori


Nestled in Roncolo di Quattro Castella, in the heart of Reggio-Emilia, Villa Manodori is a 19th-century residence that has reemerged from the sands of time through a masterful restoration led by Austrian entrepreneur Julia Prestia in collaboration with the architects Davide Conconi and Elisabetta Fulcheri at DC | EF Studio.

One of many buildings set amidst a sprawling 130-hectare estate, Villa Manodori stands as a bridge between worlds, where historical opulence coexists with modern elegance. Within its hallowed walls, noble local families once lived, worked, and celebrated — from the Marquises Fontanelli to the Counts Galliani, Ancini, and the esteemed Marquises Manodori, who bestowed their name upon the residence in the early 19th century.

Ph: Simone Furiosi Fotografo


Here, echoes of a bygone era resound through original tapestries, period frescoes, and hand-painted coffered ceilings adorned with late 16th-century decorative motifs. To complete the décor, iconic Molteni&C furnishings that have left an indelible mark on design history grace the interiors.

Architects Davide and Elisabetta at DC | EF Studio have artfully accomplished the feat of adapting an existing structure with significant and well-defined constraints, merging it with a modern approach that reveres rather than rejects its origins. This exquisite fusion of old and new ensures a seamless transition throughout the villa's many rooms.

Original wooden ceilings, which hold a significant place in the estate's history, have been restored to their former glory and integrated into the villa's design. In contrast, a contemporary touch enriches the environment with timeless furnishings such as the iconic Round D.154.5 chair by Gio Ponti — originally designed in 1954 and resurrected as part of the Molteni&C Heritage Collection.

Within this captivating blend of the old and the new, the modern and minimalist Glove chair by Patricia Urquiola stands prominently, surrounded by historical frescoes. Quiet corners and intimate gathering areas are redefined by the enveloping Elain armchair by Vincent Van Duysen and Chelsea armchair by Rodolfo Dordoni.

An inspiring testament to Italian history and heritage, Villa Manodori is a place where the legacy of noble families reverberates through the centuries, and where design seamlessly bridges the gap between eras. A timeless masterpiece reborn for the modern world.