The challenge of the project

A dedicated production centre and an extensive network of exclusive and specialised providers and subcontractors, for which Molteni Group guarantees the quality of the its results. Dedication to the most advanced industrial technology and methods, traditional know how and craftsmanship, a deep knowledge of materials, commitment to research, experimentation and innovation are the fundamental factors that have always been part of Molteni&C Contract Division.

Six Pritzker prize winners: Aldo Rossi, Álvaro Siza, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Herzog & de Meuron and Jean Nouvel

Molteni Group | Contract Division

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Molteni&C, through its Contract Division, has carried out important tailor-made projects all over the world, in collaborations with the most important international architecture firms: turkney projects for public and work spaces, like hotels, restaurants, residences, store and boutique chains, clinics, research centers, libraries, museums and theatres, cruise liners, military ships, offices and head offices, through the offer of fixed furniture as well as loose furniture, including the Molteni&C kitchens, which can be customised with Molteni&C furniture.

Turnkey projects

The Division is able to collaborate in a constructive and dynamic way with designers and construction companies or shipbuilders in the development and creation of interior fittings and furnishings, using both our mass produced designs modified to specific request, and creating custom made products. We provide all the assistance necessary to complete the project successfully, including our “turn-key” package.

40 years of experience

The Contract Division consists of a team of 54 architects, engineers and technicians specialized in woodworking, metalworking and upholstery. The team handles the project management, interior design, product development, logistics and installation with a sense for product innovation, achieved also thanks to the investments in research and development, a heritage part of the company’s DNA and settled in the 80 years of history of the Group.


Molteni is the only internationally acknowledged Industrial Group with a great tradition, combining collaboration with the most important designers, and a constant investment in research and technological development in order to provide its products with a quality that lasts in time.