• Project
    Aurelio Gorgerino Architetti Associati
    Roma, Italia
  • Year
  • Description
    Mainly oriented to pursuing personal wellbeing, Rome University’s Campus Bio-Medico promotes integrated teaching, research and healthcare, offering students an educational experience geared to enhancing their cultural, professional and personal growth and proposing the ideal of excellence in a spirit of service. The Policlinico building, located in the middle of the campus, a broad green area, fits in harmoniously with the natural environment. Car parks, installations and service access points are covered by hanging gardens, ensuring that each room can enjoy a pleasant view. All the interior spaces enjoy natural daylight and have a modern air-conditioning system. The interior design, which aims to down-play the visitor’s impact with the hospital world, guarantees great
    comfort, functionality and environmental quality. The thoughtfully designed color scheme, the choice of materials and finishes and the very latest customized furnishings combine to achieve their goal.
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