• Progetto
    BFLS (formerly Hamiltons)
  • Client
    Brookfield Europe
  • Year
  • Description
    The Strata Tower, London’s tallest skyscraper, is the first building designed with renewable and sustainable technologies, the result of unique experimentation with energy producing wind turbines on the summit. Five blades of a diameter of nine meters working at full capacity produce about 50 MGWV of electricity per year, the amount required to allow the common areas to function properly. The Tower is a bold “green building” with a new formal, functional and energy-conscious design.
  • Brands

Its concept is based on coherent energy consumption and autonomous production of electricity in one integrated project. This design gem puts together several sustainable technologies: exploiting wind power with turbines, district heating, high thermal performance façades (improved by 50% compared to standards), a ventilation system with recovery of hot air and photovoltaic cells. Along with these characteristics, efficient services connect the building with city transport system and green areas, fibre optic wire and broadband facilitate communications.

Each of the various configurations of the 408 residences, coherent with the design model, is equipped with a Dada kitchen, personalised in the typology, finishes and colours of the composition. All components and raw materials used are the result of low environmental impact manufacturing processes, certified to guarantee total quality and performance control throughout the supply chain. For the Strata Tower, Dada created an integrated range of high quality products to suit the expectations of consumers who value aesthetics and performance, but are also concerned about sustainability. All kitchen finishes have been chosen to suit the wood types that distinguish the interiors, such as glossy white lacquer or glossy grey laminate.