United Kingdom - London Regent's Crescent


Across the past six years, developers CIT and architects PDP London have worked tirelessly to rebuild the iconic crescent, originally commissioned by the Prince Regent in 1820 but badly damaged during the second world war and hastily rebuilt with a replica frontage in the 1960s.

Molteni&C|Dada Contract Division created custom kitchens and wardrobe systems for the residences at Regent’s Crescent, with designs that articulate the elegant aesthetic found throughout the development.

  • Building
    Regent’s Crescent
  • Interior Design
    Architects PDP London
  • Brands

Elegant pieces have been carefully curated, drawing influence from the Regency style but with a modern twist through the use of contemporary textiles and curved lines. Wall coverings and mirrors have been cleverly layered to enhance and frame period features and to offer ample opportunity for buyers to add personal flair through the placement of artwork, chandeliers and decorative pieces, or antique collectors’ items.