Canada - Vancouver JAMESON TOWER


  • Project
    Foster + Partners
  • Client
    Jameson Development Corporation
  • Consulents
    Walter Francl Yolles
    James Vermeulen
    Battle McCarthy
  • Year
  • Description
    After Albion Wharf in London, the Place kitchen was selected by Studio Foster + Partners for Vancouver, Canada to furnish the 37 floors of the Jameson Tower: the new 118-metre tower in the city’s historical district. It was the first residential building designed by Studio Foster in North America. The complex is allocated for housing, with associated service industries and offices, reflecting the building’s historical relationship with the surrounding area. In fact, the project involved restoring the Ceperley Rounsfell building, from 1921, in addition to building the new tower with shops, a restaurant, offices and apartments.
  • Brands

The project is an example of construction with sustainability as a goal, starting with the aerodynamic shape of the building which exploits local winds. Its strong points are: an efficient, clean and silent underfloor heating and cooling system; mixed use of the shared heating, cooling and electrical systems which enables the simultaneous production of energy on site; environmental systems to maximise comfort and supply efficient operation at low costs; free cooling and passive heating systems; high performance thermal roofing; reduce water consumption through a low waste system and selection of intelligent appliances.