• Project
    Ron Arad Associates
    London, UK
  • Year
  • Description
    Completely refurbished to a design by Ron Arad, the Hotel Duomo in Rimini immediately announces its new architectonic identity, standing in constant dialogue with its surroundings, the streets, the city. The metal sheeting of its façade enters the bar space and becomes the ceiling, finishing its journey by transforming the back wall into seating.
  • Brands

The hinged entrance doors frame the view towards the reception desk: a spectacular ring in fused steel which dominates the hall like a modern urban sculpture. An innovative design idea is behind the interior décor in the rooms. Lights, colours, shapes and materials all play a fundamental role in defining spaces to a new concept of hospitality. The room develops around the bathroom, contained in a shell which reaches out to enclose the bed head. A large glass porthole window overlooks the sleeping area and fills the room with natural light. The whole design guarantees attention to even the most minute detail.