• Project
    Agence Dubuisson
    Courbevoie, France
  • Year
  • Description
    To bring back to life the boutique as it probably was when Louis Cartier moved into rue de la Paix in the late 19th Century; to imagine the interiors as he would have done; to rebuild them starting
    from his original archives; to work using the garlanded tables he so loved
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This is the approach which guided architects Sylvain and François Dubuisson in their restoration of the historic Paris boutique. And the result of this careful and delicate operation, finished in December 2005,
fully justifies the approach. 13 rue de la Paix has been restored to its former splendour, with its traditional glamour intact. Reaffirmed as a legend, the boutique is a symbol of the link between the name and the city, personalities with a history. For, as Cartier himself used to say, “Paris helps Cartier and Cartier without Paris wouldn’t be what it is today. The essence of this legendary place consists of three inseparable elements: the shop, the workshop and the archive. The elegant interior, inspired by contemporary engravings, the restored succession of salons in light oak panelling, the period furniture, and the new décor created to design are all a faithful recreation of the vision and taste of Cartier in the 18th Century: a concept of its time, a mix of the daring and the classically elegant. The area for clients on the ground and first floors has been considerably widened, while remaining warm and inviting, so as to better house the objects on show without losing the feeling of intimacy. The displays are faithful to Cartier’s idea of grandeur, with a abundance of private, warm and intimate spaces.

The heart of high level jewellery beats in the workshops on the second, third and fourth floor, while the famous archives are kept on the top two floors.