USA - New York 40 MERCER


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    Jean Nouvel
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    SLCE Architects
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    Fifteen floors of steel and glass rise above the iron buildings in Soho, New York, with the top floors overlooking the river. This is 40 Mercer, the residential complex designed by Jean Nouvel. It’s easy to see his architectural and stylistic obsessions: transparent volumes, contemporary materials and human-centred technology. The New York Times hailed it as “a vision in red, blue, steel and wood” and “a tribute to some of the great designers of the 1900s: Mondrian, Barragan, Mies van der Rohe”.
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Interiors and exteriors blend together. Precision in the composition, formal lightness, transparency and permeability are evident in the architectural structure inside the building, with highly environmentally friendly solutions. The residential complex is formed from 42 apartments and lofts, large spaces flooded with natural light, high ceilings, double height rooms, terraces, gardens and private swimming pools for the more prestigious homes. T

he kitchens interpret the architectural project’s distinctive elements through the study of building details, handcrafted aspects and the use of fine woods such as maple, wengé, dibetou and walnut with stainless steel and feature glass.
All custom-built, the kitchens were conceived to be open bookcase-walls positioned along the open space in the living room. This solution was designed to rationally organise spaces and integrate kitchen and living areas.