• Project
    Joseph Farcus Architect, P.A.
    Miami Beach, FL, USA
  • Year
  • Description
    This cruise liner was designed by Joseph Farcus as architecture intended to ply the seas. It presents a whole new approach to space and light. With a tonnage exceeding 92,000 tons, it can accommodate almost three thousand people in 1,130 exclusive cabins. It is equipped with pioneering high-tech systems and offers an amazing choice of opportunities for amusement, entertainment and relaxation. Prestigious materials like Murano glass and different types of marble combine to create stunning settings in which lighting plays a key role.
  • Brands

Innovative interior design solutions to suit the different light sources have been developed for special areas such as the theatre, casino and discotheque. As well as objects exemplifying contemporary design trends, considerable space is given over to figurative art with numerous original artworks plus one amazing presence: Fernando Botero’s monumental sculpture “Woman reclining 2004” which dominates the spectacular central hall. Farcus has left his own unmistakable mark on the interior decor of the Costa Luminosa: he has succeeded in imprinting a “holiday feel” on the simple notion of travel.

Envisioned as an amusement city sailing across the open seas, the ship presents a kind of witty and provocative ensemble of intentionally over-the-top aesthetic statements: inventive forms of bling, lavish finishes and ornate furnishing elements combine in a complex manipulation of assorted styles. On a concrete level the outcome is apparent disorder but it actually conceals a precise overall design scheme: a cognizant and harmonious interior design project hidden behind multiple visionary scenographic effects.